I am a passionate and dedicated teacher with extensive experience developing and implementing diverse curriculums covering a wide range of subjects in Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Methodology. Teaching at three universities has equipped me with an extensive background in diverse education environments and given me a chance to grow myself as a student-centric educator and academic facilitator. As an energetic instructor with proven skills in teaching diverse subjects, I keep classrooms organized to facilitate effective teaching and provide a warm and safe learning environment.

My teaching philosophy is based on a strategy of encouraging student engagement and establishing a personalized learning environment. I believe an effective instructor should know how to encourage students to develop their interest in the topics discussed in class. To establish a good learning environment, I motivate students through positive encouragement and reinforcement of concepts via interactive classroom instruction and teamwork. I am committed to providing students with strong support to accomplish academic goals, instilling a love of learning, and achieving cooperative and optimal teamwork. promoting goal-oriented activities and encouraging critical and problem-solving thinking. By promoting goal-oriented activities and encouraging critical and problem-solving thinking, I design course assignments to optimize student performance and success, which has been a key source of my motivation in teaching.

I have taught both undergraduate and graduate-level courses in Comparative Politics, Global Studies, Quantitative Methods, and International Relations. I am also well-trained in both online and hybrid modes of instruction. I have delivered lectures through online platforms and organized a hybrid class during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of these courses include:

Full Instructor

  • 2021 SGS 30191630 Principles of Global Studies, Arizona State University
  • 2017 IR 202 Introduction to IR, Baku Engineering University, Baku/AZ
  • 2017 POS 202 Introduction to PolSci, Baku Engineering University, Baku/ AZ
  • 2017 IR 203 Theories of IR, Baku Engineering University, Baku/ Azerbaijan
  • 2016 IR 202 Intro to International Relations, Qafqaz University, Baku/ AZ  
  • 2016 POS 202 Introduction to Political Science, Qafqaz University, Baku/AZ
  • 2016 IR 203 Theories of International Relations, Qafqaz University, Baku/ AZ

Guest Lecturer

  • Spring 2022 SGS 401: Political Statistics, Tempe, AZ
  • Spring 2022 POS 150: Comparative Government, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Fall 2020 POS 300 Global Controversies, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Fall 2018 POS 305 Conflict and Film, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Quantitative Research Methods

Given my methodological training in both Bayesian and frequentist approaches to statistical inference, I can also offer quantitative research methods courses at both introductory and advanced levels. These courses include Data Management and Analysis, Regression Analysis: Linear Models, Regression Analysis: Advanced Methods, Applied Regression Models, Multinomial Likelihood Estimation (MLE), Panel Data and Longitudinal Analysis, Categorical Data Analysis, and Machine Learning Approach to Social Science Research. I can also offer Introduction to R or Introduction to Python courses. I am very interested in teaching quantitative research method courses and would be delighted to offer them.

In addition to these courses, I would also be interested in offering both graduate and undergraduate level courses in specialized areas, such as political violence, civil conflict, authoritarian politics, human rights and state repression, democratization, environmental politics, and international conflict, with a regional focus on the post-Soviet world, East European politics, and the Middle East.

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